Thursday, March 31, 2016

"And Jerry Mathers as The Beaver!"

Who remembers those words from the old tv show 'Leave it to Beaver?' It was a cute show with 'The Beave' always getting into scrapes, his annoying big brother, Wally and indulgent parents, June, who vacuumed in high heels and Ward. Well, the real life beavers are a pain in the butt!

If it isn't the Wascally Wabbits, it's the Dang Beavers! Bruce really didn't mind the beaver working down the road at the bridge, he didn't care if they cut every tree down there. But beavers are never satisfied and had to go to the pond and start in there.

The dogs and I went over one day last week, parked in the first driveway and walked through to the picnic area where the overflow is. It was a gorgeous day and the geese were everywhere, a flock took off from one of the ponds and flew in circles over head, waiting for us to get out of there so they could land again.

"Circling, circling, intruders are still there."

"Abort mission, make another pass."

I knew the overflow was plugged because water was nearly to the top of the dock. We have an old rake stashed against a tree just for these times and I raked away what I could reach from my precarious spot. I didn't have my high boots on so couldn't do the entire area, but I got the water moving again.

The dogs went in for a dip....

.....Murphy has made a water dog out of Mollie.

Murphy demonstrates the running shake, one way....

....then the other, as she is always on the move.

I reported on the beaver when I got home but a week went by before Bruce decided to check it out for himself. The first clue was the dock completely under water.....

...."Oh man! That dang beaver!"

But first he must acknowledge the arrival of his trusty canine companions.

Bruce was prepared with his knee boots....'s a lot of work tearing out a beaver dam as they have engineering degrees. They pull grasses and pack them in with mud mixed with branches they have cut and gnawed free of bark.... want to be darned sure you have good footing so you don't go over the falls and down the creek.

I imagined the banjo's playing 'Deliverance' as the water rushed over rocks and branches down the spillway into Bear Creek.

This will last for a few days but we know they will be back, unless Bruce blows them to smithereens, which I'm 99% sure won't happen.

Thus is the start of a running battle between man and supersized rodent, may the best one win.


  1. Julie - why do the dogs each have on a 'pack'?

  2. What the dogs are wearing are their vests, they help keep the burrs at bay in their long hair. They really wanted pink camo but it wasn't available.

  3. thanks for the explanation. Oh and I forgot to tell you what a GREAT shot of the flying goose, look at those feathers!! Great lens, no wonder you love it so much!!