Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sitting is SO HARD!!

When training a dog, the first thing experts say is to never pay attention to them until they sit quietly. With a whirling dervish such as Murphy, it's nearly impossible to find a time when she is sitting quietly.

I was getting mobbed whenever I went outside by two over exuberant collies, each vying for my undivided attention and it was getting old so I resorted to bribery. I used Milkbone dog biscuits and made both dogs sit before they could have the treat. I pushed it further by making them "Wait" with the biscuit in sight before getting the "Okay." 

I finally quit the treats, except for special times and just made them "sit" for me in the mornings to get their rewards, a good stroking. This morning I had Bruce try it and it was just so hard!

Mollie is very good, she loves Bruce and would do anything he asked, Murphy - not so much!

"Suck UP!"

"Maybe if I grab your glove you will forget all about that 'sit stuff!'"

Murphy then tries to insinuate herself between Bruce and Mollie, who continues to gaze adoringly into Bruce's eyes.

"I'm your Good Dog, aren't I?"

Murphy finally sits and gets her reward, Mollie starts to rise.....

.....and then she sits when she once again has Bruce's undivided attention.

"Yes, Mollie, you are my Good Dog."

Jealousy sets in and Murphy barks defiantly....

...."I don't need to be petted anyway!"

"So there!"

After Bruce left, I sat the girls down for a photo session, I had 1.7 seconds to catch them both facing me.

When I look into Mollie's eyes, I see her heart reflected back at me. 

When I look into Murphy's, I know there is a devil!

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  1. just LOVED the shot of the barking Murphy, made me laugh out loud Julie!! It's a perfect picture.