Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's Tuesday and another new baby

Our favorite cow on the farm had her baby this morning, #1. I know, you aren't supposed to have favorites but she comes from a long line of favorite cows and this morning she showed the reason why she is #1, literally.

Bruce drove the tractor with crate into the yard where the calf was and I was on foot. The calf didn't stay in one spot, she toddled around bawling and her mother was right behind her. I guided the calf to the crate right under her mother's nose and she never made a threatening gesture but remained calm.

The calf had sucked so Bruce decided to bypass the barn and put the pair in with the other cow and calf already in the lean-to. 

Not only is #1 a gentle cow, she is smart, she knows we ALWAYS go to the barn! She stood in the doorway for a few minutes before giving up, going back down the ramp, around the fence and into the lean-to.

"This just isn't right!"
Bruce gave baby #1 her new ear tag, ouch....

.....and released her into her watchful mother's care.

A better picture of #78, our Easter baby.

And another reminder of why I don't kiss my dog on the lips, she is eating baby calf poop! There is nothing as delectable as baby calf poop!

Then we loaded up and went to the pond to see what was going on over there and came across this goose egg laying out in the field. 

She probably thought it was just gas.

The dogs made a great discovery, a beaver den!

They found it yesterday on a point of land south of the picnic area that the beavers have covered with trimmed branches. Mollie found an entrance hole on top and was determined to dig the beaver (s) out but I called her off. I don't know how dangerous they might be but anyone with teeth like they have can't be good.

Instead I set up the game camera to, once again, I've tried before, get a picture of the big rodent.

It's a good thing Bruce can't get hold of dynamite, he'd blast them to smithereens! 

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  1. OMgosh, #1 mama and baby look identical with their white faces.....such a cute baby !! Hope you get some footage of the beavers at work, would be interesting to see. Love your pictures !!!