Thursday, October 16, 2014

What's a farmer to do while the combine is laid up?hat

There is nothing worse for a farmer than a breakdown at a critical time, such as harvest. The corn is in the field, ready to combine and here it sits in the yard waiting for a new water pump.

After spending 3 days doing everything else he can think of to occupy his time, Bruce decided to take out his frustration on the volunteer maple trees by the machine shed.

Since it grew up into several sprouts, that takes lots of trips in and out of the cab, hooking the chain....

...then pulling out sprout...

...after sprout...

....after sprout.

Darn maple weeds!

Bruce just called to tell me the Tom's Repair was there working on the combine, finally, they had to get a water pump out of Atlanta, GA. In the entire North America there only located 6 water pumps that would fit it, 3 in Atlanta and 3 in Canada. Isn't that ridiculous? Granted, our combine is not new but it's a pretty nice one. But for the lack of a water pump the combine is lost?

I have a much happier farmer, with luck he will be out in the cornfield before too long.

And the trees all heave a sigh of relief.

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