Sunday, October 26, 2014

I'm back in the tractor again

I told Bruce I was feeling well enough to help him haul corn stalk bales out of the field next to our house, all I had to do was drive the tractor, it's not like I was lifting anything. We had an unexpected inch of rain but needed to get the cows out in that field so made one trip in the evening to see how it would go.

It was muddy!

I love our big round baler and the tractor that picks up the big round bales.

And puts them all in a row on the bale cart, it's so much less work than doing it by hand.

It never complains about picking up bale after bale after bale, unlike someone who shall remain nameless.

Bruce starts his row of bales for winter, before he is done, there will be about 200 of these babies to feed and bed our cattle for the winter months.

Since it was late, we only did one load that night, I didn't expect the phone to roust me out of bed early the next day, after all, I've been almost an invalid, guess that's over. I took this photo to prove how early it was, that's the sun just coming up.

Ye Gads!

We hauled bales all morning and the pile grows, when the field was empty, Bruce shut the gates and called his cows.

Yesterday I took the dogs and the gator and drove out in the field to see how they were getting along cleaning up the downed corn before letting the horses out. Those older cows are spoiled brats, they came running thinking I was taking them to yet another field. It made the dogs very nervous, they are afraid of the cows but more afraid to leave the gator. Murphy was on the seat next to me and the closer we got, the more she hugged my seat until I nearly had her in my lap. Mollie was in the back and had her head over my left shoulder, "If I don't look at them, they can't hurt me." 

And they call themselves herding dogs.

This is one of our future cows, won't they, that's the daddy in the background, make beautiful babies next spring?

This shot is the last corn field here at home to do, behind 'Rabbit Garden's.'  Bruce and Grassy are still out combining in the dark as I write this, the green is the alfalfa field and then more big round bales beyond that, by the black top yet to be picked up.

I'm thinking I might get another early morning phone call.

Me and my big mouth.


  1. Julie: We couldn't be happier that you are doing things more "normal" again! What a good feeling, isn't it, to be outdoors, doing things you love? A farmer's wife has the best of both worlds - we get to work together AND do fun stuff together! Enjoy!!

  2. Ah, "Rabbit Gardens".....made me smile! Glad you're back in the tractor seat, Julie!