Sunday, October 19, 2014

Everything is not roses in the corn fields!

The corn is very dry and we had some strong winds that knocked it down and makes combining a challenge. The field should not look like it has already been combined like this.

Or this, broke over and some was actually laying flat on the ground.

You should be able to look down the rows and see a clear path, not a jumble of downed corn.

When Bruce spears into this, it tends to pile up on the corn head... then he either has to get off the combine and clear it off or go into a good row that will move the pile of stalks on through the combine.

This is what he likes to see when he's in the combine, stalks standing tall and strong.

Yesterday was the worst day until he and Grassey removed the 'corn savers' from the top of the corn head that really made the downed corn pile up. So today he was able to smile again.

The best thing is the corn is so dry, there is no need to put it in the drying bin, no need to spend money drying the corn and waiting for the corn to dry. It is going right into the bins where it will spend the winter. Grassey is great help, he was able to fill another bin today.

He is adjusting the swing auger so no corn spills onto the ground.

It is beautiful corn.

He's heading out to the field for another wagon.. would be a slow harvest without him.

Back at home, Murphy is not having such a good time, I accidentally ran over her front foot when she bailed out of the gator while it was still running when she saw a squirrel. She carried her foot the rest of the evening but the next day she was putting weight on it so I knew it wasn't broken. It never even swelled.

Tonight I was in the gazebo and caught her in the act of chasing a chicken so she received a sound thrashing, I wonder if she will ever learn. Mollie was beside herself, slinking around, a worried look, she takes it to heart when Murphy is in trouble. I keep telling her she is my good dog but she still isn't sure.

Bruce told me last night if he greets Murphy first when he comes home, Mollie is crest fallen, "I thought I was the one you love the most?" It's hard to believe that just a year ago we were wondering if Mollie would ever grow up!

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  1. that's great re: the dry corn, just pack it away without all those dryers going night and day, tallying up for your electric bill!! Poor Murphy, luckily she is again herself and full of energy. I love your harvesting entries, Julie - cows running here, then there to get into the fields for the ground corn...your pictures of lovely fields of harvest and Bruce and Grassy doing their thing..Bruce said when he was up here that this time of year is just the best, so pretty and wonderful to see bounty in the fields as all his work for the harvest is almost completed. So glad you have had this glorious weather too, what a fine few weeks we have had!! Love ya both, CG