Friday, October 17, 2014

I'm not sure who's happier, my farmer or my farmer's cows.

Yesterday afternoon the elusive water pump arrived at the farm along with two mechanics to put it in, two hours later Bruce was combining corn and finished the pond field. 

This morning I went to the pond to hook up the electric fence so the cows could glean the downed corn out of that field and they were ready. As soon as they saw me on the 4 wheeler, they knew.
and came running.

They passed the 4-wheeler like I was standing still.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Bruce and his buddy, Grassey are hard at work, knocking out another field of corn, he has time to make up.

The cows get a little discombobulated and head off across the pasture....

...."No Girls, this way!"

The beautiful, golden corn kernels pour out of the combine and into the wagon.

While the happy cows pour through the gate into the field.

Bruce and Grassey head back for another load.

And more cows pour through the gate.....

....and spread out through the corn stubble, searching for the missed ear of corn.

The combine is going hell bent for election until they reach the corn....

....when they put a ton of dust in the air.

Yes, everyone is happy around here today, especially this hen who is admiring herself in the garden mirror.

"My, but you are a lovely girl."


  1. Now, that is what I call a joyous posting! Great news, happy news, news of being "normal" farm happenings happening! Love it - enjoy our beautiful weather and stay safe!

  2. wow I never knew chickens were so vain! Much less to look into a mirror, I would think they would be spooked, but Julie's chickens aren't like the chickens I grew up with as I took a long stick to pry them off their nest to gather eggs..... how I can still hear and see the "baawwwwwwwwwwwk" and the spooky eyes as they opened and how weird was their eyelids! (((shudders))). No, I think those were the red necked chickens of the farm, not these high flutin ones over at your house! Loved seeing Grassey too in the blog, he never seems to age or change, still looks basically the same! And of course, my favorite subject of your blogs, brother Brucie. Aww!~ Happy Harvest to all and to all a goooooooooooood morning!

  3. Yes, chickens are quite vain and love to watch themselves in the mirror. That is one way to keep chickens happy in the winter while they are shut in is to put a mirror in the coop or pen, who knew??