Saturday, October 11, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Friday was the day I'd been waiting for, I was well enough to go home. Thursday was the day I felt the best but had developed pneumonia and was taking breathing treatments. I was like a kid at Christmas, woke up at 5 AM and was ready for the doctor to come and sign me out, a little early. I'd been able to eat fairly well the day before but when I ordered breakfast, a jelly biscuit and one slice of bacon, my stomach seized up and suddenly I felt like I was back to square one. That set off a chain of events where my chest started hurting and could see my plans going down the drain.

When Dr. Harrison came in and talked to me, she wanted me to stay another day and get a chest x-ray, I bartered back with a chest x-ray and then go home, I was ready to cry and did. They came back with an offer of home health aid help for the next week and I could go home, we shook on it.

Just because they say you can go home, it seems to take hours, I tried to drink the shakes that had been going down but I couldn't do it either. Bruce was trying to get done combining beans with a balky combine so our neighbor, Jo came to retrieve me, then to the pharmacy for a bushel basket of pills and a nebulizer machine to continue to keep treating my pneumonia at home. 

It was so wonderful to drive in the yard, "I'm home, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home!!"

We were greeted by two very excited collies, "You're home, you're home, you're home, you're home, you're home, you're home, you're home, you're home!!!!"

I loved it.

Jo hauled all my stuff in said to call if I needed anything, I went out side to check on everyone and even the chickens came running. It was heart warming but I know they were really just looking for a hand out. Lacey's stall door was open so I went to find her and she was no where to be found, YIKES! I got the gator and the dogs and went to the road and found tracks headed east and in to the cornfield, oh man, not good. We went on east to the gate by the bean field so I could drive back along the corn field, stopping every so often to call and listen for her answer. Nothing. We got to the pasture and there she was in with the other horses, whew! Bruce must have caught her abusing her boundaries and put the kaboosch to that but forgot to tell me. 

But someone was glad to see me, in the fall as we get crops out, the cows get to go to the fields and they thought I was there to open the gate and came running. I turned the gator for home so they thought I was going to the other gate and took off, their big fat bellies swinging back and forth, kicking up their heels, "woo-hoo!" The bulls were squaring off, it was a party atmosphere until I failed to stop and open the other gate, you could see the disappointment on their faces.

The ride made my mood meter shoot up considerably but it also pooped me out, I went home and tried to eat a little, sister in law, Sue's ham and bean soup went down well and I did my 'peace pipe' treatment before Bruce came home. We were both so happy I was back, it felt wonderful to sleep in my own bed.

Bruce was headed to sister Carol's for the annual cousin Viking weekend with Dennis from WI so Sue pack a bag and food and came to stay the night. The home health nurse came, gave me some tips that will help me and will be back on Monday. I try to eat a little bit every couple of hours and the nurse impressed on me to use my nausea meds regularly, don't wait to feel bad, same if I'm feeling pain. That is hard to get used to. But the best medicine for me is to be outside, Sue mentioned that after we took a gator ride over to the farm to feed Morris. I can feel my spirits lift as I'm out communing with all the animals and just being out in the fresh air. I'm also forcing myself to eat a little bit often even if I don't feel like it because I only have a week to recover before I start this merry go round again, I'm already dreading it even though we have learned a few other things. Such as, I do not have to take the Neulasta shot all in one big dose, I can choose to go every day for a week and take a portion of it. Even though it's more trouble, it might prove worth it if I don't have the reactions I did this time.

I'm quite sick of blogging about my health issues and have some other stuff in the wings, dogs, cats, farming and my brand new camera lens that will spot a pimple on a gnats butt. I can't wait to feel better to try it. So stay tuned for better times ahead and thanks for hanging with me.


  1. You are such the farmer's wife. I can just see you looking all over for Lacey, this read like a good mystery, I was pensive, growing worried as I read, thinking you did WHAT? did anyone else KNOW where you went? You must be careful and not overdo, with the pneumonia you do not want to relapse! Thankfully all went well for you and this weather, it can't be more gorgeous fall weather! Thank God the combine, and most of all, Bruce and Grassey were saved/fine, how scarey to think of a fire underneath!

    You will need to have some planting/gardening magazines to read through the next 3 treatments, to keep your mind on next spring when all this will be like a bad dream! Hang in there, you are learning and you are TOUGH. One day at a time. Thats a great way to go through this, and may your feel all our love and prayers and our sweet Jesus beside you every step!

  2. I am so glad you are home. I do believe your animals were glad to have you home too. It can be very healing to be at home......roaming around saying Hi to all your animals. Smelling the smells of a great fall season. Push on my dear are so brave and will make it through this !!

    Miss you,