Friday, October 3, 2014

Drugs, I need DRUGS!!

What an awful feeling that is but that was me this morning after muscle spasms racking my hips and legs yesterday, last night and this morning making me a very cranky patient. Poor Bruce, he is being very true to this 'in sickness and in health' stuff.

When I was laying out my morning pills, I have two for cholesterol, several years ago when I had to go on medicine, Dr. Harrison tried me on Lipitor, the most expensive. It wasn't long before I was aching mightily and, after some research, led them to the culprit and she switched it to Simivistatin, a cheaper generic that worked great. In the last year Dr. has put me on Zetia also because Simivistatin has not been keeping up. When I saw those two pills, a light bulb went on and I thought about my days on Lipitor. Besides that, another lymphoma survivor, Gayle, told me that her doctor said he wasn't going to worry about her cholesterol until she is completely back to normal.

I had first called the oncology center and was put to an answering machine, I explained my predicament  and waited to hear back. After an hour, Dr. Harrison's office was open so I called them and got to talk to her nurse and she relayed the message. She agreed with me and said to no longer take the meds. About a hour later I heard back from Storm Lake, they also said it's very probable and they were happy I talked to Dr. Harrison. She asked me the pain level, 10 being the worst and I said when the spasms start it's a 9.8, very debilitating. She agreed with Dr. Harrison, said that cholesterol drugs can really get messed up and then she asked if I had any pain meds to help. I told her I had one refill on the hydrocodone and she encouraged me to get it filled. I called Bruce and told him to burn rubber to Cherokee and get me some drugs.

I felt like a drug addict as I watched the clock, waiting for him to come home, it's a terrible feeling but I was desperate. Then I watched the clock, waiting for the floaty feeling to come over me and it finally did and I could sleep. One of the garden club angels brought dinner and found me at probably the lowest point yet. But the pills are working and I have enough to last me a while because the weekend is here and it's very hard to get hold of medical advice. When it started to wear off, Bruce gave me a second dose, then packed ice packs around my legs, covered me with two afghans and pillows to hold everything in place. What a good Haus Frau.

My niece, Anne, from KC sent me a prayer shawl, it is my comfort, I draw strength from the loving care that was taken in knitting it.

I will survive....

I will survive....

I will survive....

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  1. Oh Julie, just when I am hoping things are settling down for you, something else pops up! I hope you have the answer here; I guess like you said once, we will learn as you go. It wouldn't hurt to write down these gems, like the claritin, altho you probably will have it deep in your memory! Like you say, this too shall pass, and you WILL survive, and be a stronger person for all your suffering. Just remember we all love you and are praying for you! Love, Janet and Gerald