Sunday, August 31, 2014

Yes, they're cute, until they turn on you!

Who doesn't love a baby fawn, with all the spots? We have a pair of twins around, Bruce has seen them at the pond and around home.

When we drove by Jay's pasture the other night they were out grazing so I grabbed the camera and took the 4-wheeler back over. They weren't too concerned about me.

This is why they are called whitetail deer!

They are so cute!

And then they turn on you, using your field for an all you can eat buffet! Smashing down the corn, no wonder it make my farmer grit his teeth and want to banish all deer from the farm.

They have set up camp at the picnic area at Leo's pond, the grass is all mashed down where they sleep at night. So they are close to their all you can eat buffet for breakfast also.

I thought about setting up the abandoned deer blind to try and get some pictures, but it looks like a herd of deer have run over it.

Who doesn't love a furry little squirrel?

Isn't he cute??

Until he decided to chew on your bee hive door!!!

Look what the little devil has done to it!

The bees are none too happy either, especially when he leaves it hanging open, they like it dark inside. Wish they all sting his little butt and send him back to the trees.

It makes me lay awake at night thinking of my revenge, squirrel fricassee?

Squirrel over rice?

Squirrel and fried potatoes?

Squirrel and.......


  1. Hmm, those are interesting dinner suggestions but I think I'll pass. I believe I do know of some good recipes for corn-fed venison, however. Maybe that deer blind should be resurrected, Julie?

  2. Why are those baby deer so cute and their antics are so adorable, then they grow up and are so destructive. Even towns are being over run with large herds of deer. But, not here, our big dog, Lucy, keeps our little homestead free of deer, squirrel, raccoon and stray cats. My garden is safe, the sweet corn was good this year! RosannaVan

  3. mama used to make a delicious squirrel 'stew'; ask Janet how she made it!! great ix of the fawn's white tails as they bounded away, Julie...