Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cucumber to rind in 0 - 60 seconds!

Nothing goes to waste around here, if we don't eat it, it is passed on down the line to the dogs, cats, horses or chickens and I haven't found much the chickens won't eat. I got some over ripe cucumbers from Elizabeth's garden, split them and presented them to the chickens, it was like a machine!

The girls came running and scoured out the flesh....

Leaving only the thin rind that ended up in the compost pile.

Elizabeth has kept the girls in cucumbers and she asked me what the eggs will taste like, I never thought of that.

Maybe I should feed them some onions and put vinegar in their drinking water and have designer eggs, cucumber/onion relish eggs.

Maybe they would sell for big bucks.....and maybe I couldn't give them away.

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