Sunday, August 24, 2014

There was a little hen who had so many chicks she didn't know what to do!

It's been fun watching Larry's little bride care for her brood of six lively youngsters. At first they were in the  cage I borrowed from the neighbor but when we had 2 inches of rain I discovered it leaked so moved them into the east apartment that has it's own private chicken run. But there was one problem, it was not chick proof so when I'd go out to check, there would be 2 or 3 running around outside with their mother in a tizzy inside. The other chickens didn't seem to pay the tiny chicks any heed so I finally let the family out when I released the rest of the chickens. She took the babies out to the edge of the grove where there is a pile of mulch to scratch in and unearth all sorts of tasty treats.

The babies emulate her, if she is scratching furiously, they are scratching in double time.

If their mother is stretched out in the sun, they stretch out and warm themselves.

I'm not a good enough photographer to get many pictures when they are moving, and it seems as though they are always in motion!

I was worried I had a bunch of roosters when I saw these little tail feathers poking up on all of them, until I realized that is the most distinguishing trait of the Serama.

WHEW! I did not need a bunch of roosters!

The two young hens, Blue and Lucky stopped by to see what was going on.

"What the hey?? Where did all those little munchkins come from??"
I finally gave up and videoed their antics, I did not speed this up, this is how they scratch the ground!

The last few nights I've been late in getting them shut up and the little hen has them all tucked away in one of the nest boxes. Tonight I didn't have the heart to move her back to her apartment, instead I got the camera for a family photo, at least they weren't moving.

At first I thought she couldn't count but I was wrong, if she does not have all six with her, she is in a tizzy until they are complete.

If you look closely at the top two on the right, you can see they have combs, they are my two roosters and I think I already have a home for both of them, perhaps with a hen to keep them company.

"AAACCCKKKK! What was I thinking when I had SIX???"


  1. Wow can those babies move their feet, put them in a dance contest! - RosannaVan

  2. I know, isn't that amazing! If I were smart enough, I would have put that video to 'Rock Around The Clock' or some such music!

  3. I love the picture with the little Hen and her six chicks tucked in around her!! It looks like you posed then just to take the cute picture.

  4. What a cute little family !! As your stories and adventures on the farm :-)