Friday, August 29, 2014

We will return to our regular blogging, after this short health care update.

I don't want my blog to become a caring bridge, that is a wonderful site but not for me, but I feel compelled to let my faithful readers follow along in my journey. Yesterday was a very dreaded appointment, a bone marrow biopsy. You know that has to hurt, even though they promised I would sleep through it, when they stick a big needle into your hip and through the bone to draw out some marrow. 

Bruce and I picked up Janet at 8:30 and drove in rain to Sioux City, it matched my mood. But I did not have the adverse reaction to St. Luke's as I did to BV hospital. We got right in, Janet and Bruce were with me for moral support and got to stay in my room the entire time I was gone. The nurses kept covering me with heated blankets until I was under a pile of six, I was hoping the doctor who was going to do the 'procedure' would not be able to find my fanny.

All too soon I was wheeled down a hall, into another room, with another very caring nurse who sat and brought me Kleenex's and listened to my tale of woe and was considerably outraged at how I learned this scary news. The anesthetist came in an introduced himself and found that he was from my old stomping grounds by Whiting and I knew his sister in law. Then the doctor arrived with two others in tow and started laying out stuff on a tray. He asked if I wanted him to explain the 'procedure' and I quickly said, "NO!" The anesthetist put an oxygen mask over my face and had a big syringe full of 'night, night' juice, I found out later it was Propofal, YIKES! That was what Micheal Jackson od'd on! 

The moment of truth, I was rolled onto my side, and to my dismay, they found my fanny, but then I got a little charge out of mooning three highly respected doctors, the anesthetist said, "This might burn a little........" and I woke up an hour later to a nurse asking if I wanted a warm blanket. There is something very comforting about being tucked in under a warm blanket, they tucked my feet, around my shoulders, this must be how babies feel in the womb, without all that sticky placenta surrounding them. If I'd had a raging fever I would not have passed the warm blanket, I wanted to take a pile home with me.

Soon I was back in the room, fed toast and juice and some ice water, I was so dry I could have spit cotton balls. As soon as I had my wits about me, the nurse pulled the IV and I made a much needed trip to the bathroom, relief! (While in recovery, a little boy on the bed next to me kept telling the nurse he had to pee and didn't want to wet the bed. The nurse kept telling him, he had a catheter in, that he would not wet the bed. Poor little guy, I could feel for him.)

Everyone in the room wanted to look at my bandage so I got to moon some more people and that was quite satisfying, that will teach them. By 12:30 I was wheeled to the portico covering the entrance, unceremoniously loaded into the car and we took off to find something to eat and there was a Culver's nearby. My sister, Rosanne and her family met us, then sister in law, Sue called that she made cookies for us, if people make you cookies, you go get them.

I slept all the way home and about 12 1/2 hours last night, I felt much better this morning, except for a sore hip, I knew it would hurt. The next hurdle is next Tuesday where I get a PET scan and I'm radioactive for 8 hours after so I have to avoid pregnant women and children.

I have one question, will I glow??


  1. Hi Julie, so glad you passed thru the procedure & in the process, got the pleasure of exhibiting your fanny to all the medical personnel; once you do it, then no big deal, right?? also glad you had a good night sleep, that's wonderful and restorative as well. Oh, that's so sweet that Rosie and family came to see you all, and then cookies too? next best thing would be some chocolate vino - but then that will be another story, and perhaps visit??? have a wonderful weekend, love you bunches - CG & Tom

  2. Hey Julie, you were held close in my heart and prayers on Thursday, I knew it was "the" day for the biopsy, and I know they aren't any fun, least wise Rich wasn't a big fan when he had his done a couple years ago when we had his leukemia scare. But, you proved to yourself and the whole world that you are nothin to mess with, you came out of that just fine, just keep your chin up and keep the spunk! Hope you enjoy the labor day weekend and aren't too awfully sore. God bless!