Friday, August 22, 2014

Sweating in the good, old summertime.

We've had it pretty good this summer, instead of intense heat and humidity most of the time, we've had lovely weather, even chilly nights that made us welcome the covers. Until this last week, it's been HOT, HOT and HOT!! We sold the last of our fat cattle and Bruce needed to put a new fence on the east side of their lot and now was the time, before we wean our calves.

I made myself scarce during the destruction of the old fence, I've learned over the last 22 years that showing up at inopportune times can  get me put to work. Such was the case last winter when Mollie and I, this was pre-Murphy, walked over to the farm to see what was going on and found Bruce fixing a bracket on the loader.

"You are just in time, can you help me a minute?" 


It's no fun tearing apart a loader in the winter when it's cold and everything is covered in manure.

But there isn't much Bruce can't fix or won't fix, he figures he saves himself a lot of money on repairs.

He's a little 'tight' but I always say it's served him well.

Sometimes things don't want to go back together like they did....

....but Bruce has his ways of  making it work. The 'minute' stretched into a couple of hours but what else did I have to do?

Sunday Bruce was straight forward in asking for my help installing the new fence, it was hot but the weathermen have been predicting rain everyday and he needed to get it done.

Notice the difference in garb? It's not often you will see Bruce farming in shorts! This was the first outing for the post hold auger we purchased with the Gehl skid loader.

It worked wonderfully!!! The only thing difficult was making sure it was straight up and down so the post didn't sit in the hole catty wampus.

After the first post was set, then Bruce ran a string to (hopefully) put all the posts in a straight line.

Don't you think he looks fetching in his shorts and work boots?

After measuring and spray painting the ground where the rest of the post should go, he dug a hole for each one.

It was HOT! Did I mention it was HOT? We needed lots of breaks with lots of water.

Murphy was quite curious....

"Just what is it that you are burying in that hole??"
Mollie could give a fig as she laid in the shade.

With all the posts in..... was time to hang the panels. I was feeling the heat, big time, guzzling water and escaping to the shade with the dogs....

....and starting to whine a little.

I know, I should be tougher.

Bruce did not give into the heat, he persevered with sweat running in his eyes, pounding the gigantic staples into the posts, until all the panels were hung.

It was a great sight.

Then he sent me home while he finished, I went right to the shower, I would tell you that I went from the shower, buck naked, to the gazebo with an icy, adult beverage with rum in it, but that would be too much information.

AHHH, the joys of living in the country!


  1. yes indeedy TMI honey!! however, this 70+ dew point is tough. and yes my brother looked fetching, glad you got a shorts pix 'cause he's always in the jeans..I'm wondering two things 1. where did you get the fencing poles, are they new or do you 're-use' if needed? 2. fencing 'panels', not a roll of fencing?? My brother did a fantastic job of it (and you of course too), fence looks great. what's better, freezing hands working on the tractors or sweating it out in the summer?? love ya, CG

  2. Thanks for the heads up not to stop by un-annouced LOL

  3. Hey, I think anybody who stops by unannounced has to be ready for anything--visitor beware!! Maybe at least honk the horn as you turn in the you know! Secrets of country living "bared".... ;)