Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Could it only been a year ago since we were doing this???

How time flies when you are having fun on the farm! Just a year ago we were doing this after a storm went through our neighbors acreage and severely damaged his ash trees.

Because we needed wood for our winter fires in the kitchen stove.....

(And my usually, mostly, quite often smiling hubby!)

We hauled home several silage wagons full of logs to dry and split.

Fast forward one year and a month and here we are again....

....this time at our good friends, Mike and Becky, who took down several ash trees. The silage wagon was called into service again, after filling the bottom by hand, to cushion the falling logs from above....

....Bruce gets to use Mike's telehandler to load the rest, he wants one of these.

And could it have only been one year ago that I was freezing sweet corn?? Then I still had my beloved Sadie and her side kick, Mollie begging for some corn.

This year Mollie is the old dog.....full of stick tights from running through the grove....

....and Murphy is the young pup who is getting a taste of sweet corn for the first time and realizing it needs to be protected from the old dog who wants to take it away.

So she carries it off, away from the old dog before chowing down.

While I was in the garage, shucking and cutting the corn off, there were other dramas going on, Larry Jr., the half pint Serama rooster still has Chet, the big guy's number and makes sure he toes the line at all times. I had a flock of hens and the two rooster hanging around to clean off the cobs and Chet had to make sure he kept his distance, here he is hot footing it out of harms way.

Chet, Chet, Chet, you are an embarrassment to roosters everywhere.

Meanwhile, on the porch, sits the veggie basket that I haul back and forth to Elizabeth's house to fill with her garden goodies. Between trips it serves as a bed for Lucy and that makes the other cats jealous.

Lucy left the basket without saving it and Simon promptly took over.

It's good to be King.

Zoe has to check out the coveted basket.

"Are you really King?"

He is only until Lucy returns after having a snack in the cat house....

"Beat it, buster! This is MY basket!"

When no one is around, Stinky tries out the basket for size.....

"It's good to be King...."

Until Lucy comes back.....

...then you better beat it buster....

...she doesn't take kindly to claim jumpers.


  1. what a good eye you have for stories on the farm, I love them! - RosannaVan

  2. hmm, goes to show those ol' cats are always keeping an eye out for the primo place to sleep, isn't that something how they're always waiting and watching? On the other hand, that's a good haul of wood for you guys....maybe some winter I can come back down for a few days of basking by your fireside's hearth while we dream thru the garden catalogs! thanks for the entertaining tales, CG