Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mollie's little sister!

Today Bruce and I drove to Pender, NE to try and find Mollie a baby sister or brother from a litter of 10 collie puppies, I had no idea it would be so hard. Just getting over the "AWWWWWWW!" factor of this pile of puppies was difficult.....

......but this little girl won our hearts.

Bruce gently cradling her in his big, work worn hands.

She was very tired of the photo shoot by the time it was our turn, so I had her in a headlock, she wanted down to get in the wrestling match on the floor with her siblings.

Even though I've said all along that I didn't really want a puppy now, it was a let down to drive away and leave her there but she is only 4 weeks old and needs her Mama for another month.

I would have stayed longer but we needed to get home before dark to check on a troublesome cattle fountain. I do not know what we did to anger the Water God's but we have had more than our share of water problems and thought this one was fixed. Besides all the trouble at the farm, we had to replace the pump in our basement. 
The day Bruce went to the IA Power Show, I found a nasty surprise in the corner of the basement where an old pipe that should have been capped off long ago, had been sneakily leaking and it was a smelly mess of standing water and saturated cardboard. That totally screwed up my plans for the day as I cleaned it up. Bruce confidently bought a 3/4" plug, only to discover it is 1/2", it seems as though nothing is ever easy.
On the brightside, it seemed as though our frozen cattle fountain was a thing of the past after replacing several parts with new and putting a new heater under it.....until this morning. Frozen solid! He thumped the heater that quit working and it roared to life, thawed the water and we took off on our outing with a prayer that there would be open water for the cattle when we arrived home. Hence the hurry to get home as the day was getting colder every minute.

The Water God's were smiling on Bruce when he found open water and sated cattle. He put that big round bale of hay in the feeder this morning but left the gate closed so the cows would eat their corn stalk bale first and they were all looking longingly over the fence at it.

"Come on in girls, just don't run over me."

"Finally!  Munch, Chomp, Slobber....Get over you big fat cow!"

They can be a little rude at the feeder.

Our Mapquest had absolutely no idea where these people lived and took us into downtown Pender but I'm a firm believer in signs. I needed a bathroom break anyway and we spied a Cenex station and store where I could get some relief.

There, on a shelf, on sale, mind you, were two of my favorite things combined in one bottle, Moscato and Bubbly, yum, yum!

I bought 4, when you are shown a sign, take advantage of it.


  1. So cute !!! But how could you choose one.........I am curious, did she come up to you and say take me how with you LOL !!

  2. I was drawn to this little girl and another little girl but Misty indicated she wanted to keep the other little girl despite her husband's objections. So I wasn't about to say I wanted her and in another month have Misty say she is keeping her! The puppies weren't that interested in us, they wrestled with each other and then piled up in the corner to sleep. But these two stayed around me and I took that as a sign!

    1. I bet it was fun to see them play with each other. Little animals of any kind are so darn cute.