Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Owl Prowl

Bruce's golfing partner, Leo's daughter, Laura, is the Cherokee Co Naturalist and one of her duties are programs for the public. She attended an adjoining countie's Owl Prowl and decided to do one at the Martin's Access county parks newest cabin last Friday night. Bruce and I both went, he'd wanted to see Laura in action.

She brought several stuffed owls that are on display at the Conservation building and told us about each one and had a CD of owl calls. She held up a large Barred Owl and was telling us that she and Brian had one in their yard one night. The only owl I've seen around here was several years ago there was a family of screech owls in our back yard. Laura brought a Snowy Owl that was recently found dead outside Cherokee and is waiting to be stuffed.

Laura also brought a box of pvc pipes that had already been cut to make owl calls out of, all we needed to do was duct tape them together and practice our owl calls. It was quite hilarious listening to everyone as they blew and blew, then adjusted and blew some more. When we were all proficient, or as proficient as we would be, we stepped out on the patio that borders the woods and one by one, we 'called' to the owls, then howled with laughter at each other. It was a given that no self- respecting owl would bother to answer this group.

After a warm cup of hot chocolate, we dispersed for our homes to try to call owls. One the way home, Bruce asked, "Did Brian shoot that owl?"
"What owl?"
"The barred owl that Laura had stuffed."
Then the light bulb went on, Laura said there was a barred owl in their yard one night!
"No, Bruce, Laura did not shoot THAT owl, she just said one LIKE it was in their yard!" Some naturalist she would be! "Hey, I need an owl to stuff..."  "BLOOEY!"

 At home I went to the grove with Mollie at my side but a few 'hoot's from my owl call and she turned tail and disappeared. She didn't know what it was but wanted no part of it!

The only picture I have is this one of my owl call....

Yes, I had my camera and took lots of pictures, of the owls, of Laura, of our motley group making owl calls, of the gorgeous 2 story new cabin, so new the furniture wasn't here yet, of us out on the patio hooting at owls and then bent over laughing - and made the fatal mistake of not downloading them before formatting my camera card! GRRRRRRRR!! (I was excited over our trip to Pender the next day and just didn't think.)

But all in all, our evening was a HOOT!!!!! (Heh, heh, heh.)

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