Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hanging out with my seestor!

I hadn't been down to my sister, Rosanne's, house for some time and with all the winter we have had, I was needing a greenhouse fix. A few years ago I had a hand in on putting up her greenhouse addition to their home and she has it full of green and growing things. I found her on the couch since she hasn't been feeling well, and cheered her up with a bunch of seeds to share.

I had to go see the resident guinea pigs and this one voiced her opinion at my lack of treats.

"Sure, you bring her something but do you think of us??? NOOOOOOO!!!
Rosanne got them a carrot so they played tug-a-war until the caramel colored  pig won the prize, I thought they were going to fight to the death.

It was a beautiful day so we went outside, I had never seen the chicken coop that Rosanne labored over all fall, it's really cute and it works well.

She can retrieve her eggs from the outside.

I was anxious to see the greenhouse, it smelled so good! Here Rosanne is checking on some baby plants just sprouting. I ate fresh peas right off the plant and swooned.

As soon as she opened the door, here come the hens, they love to come in and prune the plants and leave a little fertilizer in the bed. Things they spurned last fall with all the green stuff around to eat, they now gobble down with gusto.

But all good things must come to an end, otherwise there would be nothing growing in the greenhouse, and out comes the dreaded broom.

"OK Girls, time to go back outside."

The hens know the drill and reluctantly head for the door, any lagers get a prod with the broom.


Outside by the porch are the signs I made Rosanne for Christmas, just in case you want to take a trip.

They have a beautiful view out their door.

Rosanne is calling her hen, Bawl Baby Betsy to come and share the sprouted sunflower seeds treats.

Four hens and two dogs begging.

I came with seeds, chicken and noodles, danish rolls that were burnt on the bottom, sorry, some peach leather and a small portable greenhouse from our friend, Kim.

I went home with a blooming plant, a bag of chicken scratch, sprouted sunflower seeds for my own girls and some aluminum pans. We forgot the letter punch set so I could take it back to Kim, SORRY!

All in all it was a fair trade, wouldn't you say?


  1. yes a great trade although I don't know what 'chicken scratch' is!! (again, it's not like I'm the daughter of a farmer or anything, HA!!......I know NOTHING about farming!!) Roseanne's greenhouse looks lovely, I can only imagine that earthy warm smell. Does she have earthworms to help with soil aeration?? and where the heck is all the snow...shortsleeve tops....regular shoes...does your seester live in FLA or is that what Iowa looks like in February?!?! (I forget, or does she live in Nebraska?? So.Dakota??) big sigh, the view from her house looks like heaven....glad you had a good time!! and I loved her hen's name, Bawl Baby Betsy - nothing else can tell me that you two are sisters!! Love it!!!

  2. Julie, you did a good job of capturing the picture of Carmella talking - I have tried and not been successful. It was a nice day that day and I look forward to more as spring gets closer. It is hard to tell with the straw around the chicken coop, but I built the coop on a trailer so it can be moved around, can't wait to get it farther away from the house so the chickens don't hear my every move and come running for treats. As I worked in the greenhouse yesterday, they were right outside the door knocking, wanting in. As you saw, I can't let them in everytime they beg! Thank you for all the treats you brought me, I have some of the seeds planted. Only a week until you have a new puppy at your house, how exciting!

  3. Ah, the greenhouse looks warm and inviting !! Will have to visit sometime. No worries about the metal stamping....not like I have a project in the works. :-) Love Carmella, she is giving you the business for sure ! Love the mobile chicken coop.