Friday, February 7, 2014

Zoe is in the Olympic spirit.

Zoe has been watching the updates on the Sochi Olympics and today decided to show case her talents on the balance beam a.k.a. the top of the French door. Besides it too cold to be outside and she was bored.

"Zoe is showing great confidence on top of the balance beam."

"Can she walk the beam without falling?"

"She is beginning her dismount.......

......and she STICKS the landing on  top of the jukebox!!!!!"

(Applause erupts from the watching crowd!!!)

"Zoe is sitting proudly on the podium, awaiting the awarding of the Gold Medal!"

After giving many autographs and interviews with the press, Zoe is resting from her exertions.

Being a crowd favorite is exhausting.

We really need to limit her TV time.

It's going to her head.


  1. Oh dear, that is just to funny!!!

  2. Zoe has a long memory, the gymnastics at the Olympics was 2 years ago - she is a wonder cat!