Monday, February 10, 2014

My egg drought is easing as my young girls begin to put out.

After a super long egg drought, I'm getting an average of 2 eggs a day and sometimes 3, I no longer have to buy sweatshop eggs! With the bitter cold I keep a close eye on the nest boxes, there is nothing more frustrating than finding a frozen egg. On a trip to the coop this morning, I found one of my young girls just heading into a nest box.

My girls have a plastic covered outdoor run so a fun thing to do is sit on the bottom board and eat snow, it's so tasty. I wonder if they know about yellow snow?

I'm glad my young girls are learning to lay their eggs in the coop, chickens are notorious for hiding their nests. One of my favorite Far Side cartoons by Gary Larson featured a woman walking through the gate into the house yard with a basket of eggs over her arm. She meets a hen coming out of the house carrying her baby!

After going on many eggs hunts around the farm in the summer, I'm convinced that is how they feel.

I found these eggs in the bottom of a stack of buckets in our machine shed.

This one was in the bottom of the garbage can I have in the barn for my twine strings.

The hay bales in the barn have lots of fun hiding places, I wondered why I wasn't getting any green eggs in the coop.

One of the little Serama hens squeezed into this watering can and then got out again, twice!

This is the last egg I found, it was in an old paint can that was propped against the chicken coop!

Sneaky hens, bah....

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  1. WOW! I didn't know hens could be so sneaky - those silly girls - RosannaVan