Friday, January 31, 2014


This afternoon I was cleaning the barn, the horses were out in the pasture so I had the gate leading out open a bit too much. The next thing I knew, Lady was in the barn and out the gate to freedom!

With her tail flying high, she made a couple of laps around the yard.

A detour into the shed to see what was in the Gater, nothing.

By the garden shed.... front of the garage......

.....across the yard......

....and back to the barn......

....because, dang it, it's not that fun to be free if you don't have any partners in crime!

She slowed down enough that I could coax her through the gate into their yard but had to beat back Chantilly and Spider who were chomping at the bit to get out.

Down the horse yard at a gallop with Chantilly in hot pursuit, past Lacey who was having an afternoon nap in the corn shuck pile.


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