Friday, January 17, 2014

You just can't take some people anywhere!

Bruce and I are members of an exclusive club, 'The Three County Group', Mike and Beck live in Plymouth county, Anita and Chuck are in Sioux and we are in Cherokee. Restaurants in the area tremble when we walk in the door, causing much angst among the wait staff, actually it's just Chuck. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the terrible threesome had not been together for months and we had a lot to catch up on when we met at Germantown's bar, The Hideout, on Sat night.

We staked out a table in the corner of the back room, ordered up beverages and munchies and got down to business. Mike and Chuck try to outdo each other in the digs while Bruce attempts to keep peace. Beck, Anita and I tried to find out who decorated the least for Christmas and we all discussed such sensitive areas as showering together and 'shrinkage'. As the drinks flow we became increasingly certain we could fix all the world's problems including hair loss and halitosis.

There was a sign on the wall behind out table that in 2014 there were going to be prizes given away every night but no one working there seemed to know anything about it. We kept bugging our waitress about it and thought we should be the first ones but we got nothing. She did consent to take our picture for posterity.

We exchanged gifts and this lovely bottle was in Beck's gift bag. All I can say is, "Holly Nog, where have you been all my life!!!"

I emptied the bottle today and wished I had a giraffe's tongue to run it up inside the bottle and slurp out the dregs.

Anita made this delectable peppermint ice cream pie dessert and there isn't much left, YUM!

I gave them each a pan of frozen caramel rolls to bake for the Sunday breakfast, and some homemade beeswax hand cream and we reluctantly said our goodbyes, until next time. Besides the bar was turning out their lights, we took that as a hint.

And this photo proves that you just can't take some people anywhere.

This fine restaurant didn't have to fear their silverware would disappear but that $10.00 bottle of Heinz 57 sauce.....?

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