Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mollie's new toy

Today we needed to go to town to replenish the larder and we never seem to be able to pass by Bomgaars without stopping in. The one thing we needed, a new wood stove grate, they didn't have but they had lots of other bargains, it's that time of year.

In the clearance aisle is the 'Babble Ball' a talking pet toy, it sounds kind of like the Chipmnks everytime it gets jostled. All the way home, in the back seat, it kept us entertained with giggles, "Uh Oh!, Oh NO!, Look Alive!, Hot Diggety Dog!, Oh, Ya Got me!, La, La, La, La, Ya Baby," and other  nonsensical babbling. I was thinking of just keeping it for us. It was great value for $4.00.

We first tried it out on Clyde and Zoe, Clyde was freaked, he wanted nothing to do with it. Zoe stalked it and, when it quit rolling and chattering, tentatively tapped it with her paw but wasn't as impressed as we had thought they would be.

Mollie was totally befuddled with her first contact with it.

"Did anyone else  hear something?"
"I SWEAR this ball is talking!!"

"Can someone help me out here??"

Mollie finally decided a ball was a ball and should be retrieved, even if it was a freaky talking ball.

And anything her best buddy Bruce wants to play with, Mollie is game.

She will stand on her head for Bruce.

She will leap with joy for Bruce.

"This thing really does talk!"
Anything for her Bruce.

Zoe looks on in disgust.

"No self respecting cat would be caught dead chasing a ball like that, especially with all the dog slobber on it."

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  1. I am never disappointed in your stories......I just love them. Thanks for starting my day with me giggling at this one. :-)