Sunday, December 18, 2016

The best Christmas Pagent Ever

We are a hardy bunch here in Iowa, even though our car temperature read -27, we didn't wimp out and cancel church like some in the area. The wind did not whip up the fresh snow to blizzard conditions and we found, to our delight, that the county road to the west was finally open after having a bridge replaced, Yeah!!

It was our last Advent coffee Sunday, the first I attended since returning from the hospital after Thankgiving. Shirley and Cheryl provided a plethora of delectable treats along with coffee and hot apple cider.

Then it was soon time for the program and 5 year old Treton stole the show with his flawless performance. He knew his lines as he told the Christmas story, in plain words, such as "We had a baby, but it wasn't mine." 

(Do you think Joseph had a Superman robe?)

This was Treton's cousin, Isabella, who was the inn keeper...

....he didn't let the antic's of his sister, Addison, corralled by their father, Tracy, or runaway Isabella, even the camera couldn't keep up with her, interfere with his words or song. 

Tracy finally got the girls settled for the grand finale when suddenly Addison remembers baby Jesus by the stable. It was a great program and they received a rousing round of applause.

With no change in the weather, we did wimp out on the caroling, I wasn't going anyway, I didn't want to go to a nursing home not knowing what might be going around in there. The rest of the places we would have gone, we would have stood outside and that would really put a crimp in the night with the -0 temps. I had promised a pot of chili for the party after so we went home from church to a crock pot bubbling away, guaranteed to thaw our cold bones. Coupled with grilled cheese sandwiches and a cold glass of milk, it was a great meal.

Bernice, our church organist, blessed us with her yummy pickles, we know how much work it is and appreciate the effort.

This fat little squirrel was warming his hands, trying to get the courage to come down out of the tree and eat the spilled corn by the garage. With Mollie in the doghouse on her heated bed, he really didn't have much to worry about.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 30's, if you don't like the weather in IA, stick around a day and it will change and we are looking forward to a change like that.


  1. those treats look amazing !!! I love church service when children are involved, they seem to grasp the true meaning of Christmas. And of course a Superman Joseph is so meaningful ;-) Love it !

    And your chili looks delicious and who can eat it without a grilled cheese sandwich :-)

  2. yeah, and are those spritz too?? Those are my favorite I think. Does anyone else out there make these any more?? great post, as always, Julie.