Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Make their day!

Things are kind of boring around here, there has been nothing of note to photograph much less write about with me pretty much house bound. A bunch of chicken treats, leftover popcorn, bread crumbs, etc. had piled up so when Bruce was ready to go outside after dinner, I asked him if he would like to make my chickens day. 

He gave me the 'look' you know, the one that says, "HUH??" He just doesn't understand. I had the camera and stressed that he had to quiet going out the back door, if they hear me coming, they  stampede out the chicken house door and that is what I wanted to avoid until I was ready. Unfortunately the lens cap was stuck on the camera and I couldn't get it off, AAUUGGGHHHH!! So most of the girls were already milling around his feet, the black hen at the back is trying to get airborne.

They are still coming...

"Here chick, chick, chick!!"

Finally, the good stuff is falling and the little serama hen just out of the coop takes to the air.

The fastest way to get there and not miss out on the goodies.

They love the leftover popcorn.

He who eats the fastest, eats the mostest.

A latecomer, "Well, are you coming?" says Bruce

She wonders why no one told her about the party going on.

I've taken back the dog, cat and chicken chores, the horses are easy because Bruce has them on a big round bale self feeder, I just have to make sure they are upright and taking nourishment. The chicken coop could use a cleaning but it can wait, yesterday I stepped in and my eyes began to water, "What is that smell??" 

Broody Poop!!

The little red frizzle's goal in life is to be a mother and she is not to be deterred just because it is winter. She trolls the nests until she finds an egg that needs to be kept warm and settles on it, happy that her life is fulfilled once more - until one of us comes and rudely yanks the egg out from under her. Broody hens only get off the nest once a day and do their business and you know when they do it, you just need to watch where you step.

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  1. Hey, I was wondering when you'd be back to your blog; it's the highlite of my day!! And believe me, I'm not lacking for things to read or do. YOU'RE THE BEST!! Love ya, Beck