Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016 in the bag

We woke up to wind and rain that continued all day, it was a record rainfall for us on Christmas Day. We battled our way to Sioux City to nephew Todd, wife Mandy and son, Jaxon's house in Morningside, watching the temperature on the car fluctuate between 32 (freezing!) and 34 degrees, hoping the wet pavement didn't turn to ice.

We were invited by my sister in law, Susan, to their son's house so we were hoping she had told them we were coming since we were the first to arrive. Even if we weren't expected, they graciously welcomed them into their lovely home or another word for it is 'Legoland!' This is Jaxon with one of his coveted Lego's that Santa brought but he couldn't open it until he had the rest put together.

Have you ever seen inside one of these kits? There are what looks like thousands of itty, bitty, parts reminding me of the time Christmas was at my house at Whiting and several little girls got Barbie Dolls with all the trappings. For months after I found tiny little Barbie high heels and hair accessories.

Soon Ross and Sherri showed up from Nebraska bearing packages and bags but Jaxon was so good and didn't ask if any were for him.

After a very leisurely lunch of soups, sandwiches, munchies and lots of sweets, Bruce and I got to play Jaxon's fishing game, Bruce said he needed a net sometimes when the fish got off. Just like real fishing so buck up!

We played a fun game where you had try to unwrap a present while wearing oven mitts before the person next to you rolled doubles on the dice. I think we all ended up with something, I love my potholder/mitt combination. We also watched Christmas Vacation and The Christmas Story, I cringe when I think of him sticking his tongue to the flag pole.

It was time for presents and Jaxon got another nerf gun to add to his arsenal, this one had 4 cartridges each holding several nerf bullets. When we got there, the rule was that Jaxon could not shoot people, well, that went out the window when Uncle Ross arrived and started shooting Jaxon. But isn't that was male relatives are for, to corrupt the kid and change the rules?

We even got in on the annual family picture, even with the grousing from Ross, "This takes FOREVER!!" (It didn't.)

It was a fun and relaxing day and we reluctantly left as the day was drawing to a close and the fog was setting in again. How it did that with the way the wind was blowing is a mystery but we arrived home safely. As I was building a fire in the stove to drive away the chill, I realized what I should have asked Santa to bring.

 A new pair of Ove Gloves, my fireplace necessities, I've managed to set them on fire and both thumbs and one finger are burned off. They may withstand heat but sparks are a different story!


  1. those gloves are way past use, Julie!! well used for sure. What lovely pictures of everyone, it did indeed look like a lovely day. Just what it should be!! I'm glad the weather held so your trips were uneventful. Thanks for the post honey!! Lots of love, CG

  2. How unfair, Bruce the master fisherman playing against a little guy LOL !!!! Looks like a great day for all.
    Great family photo too.

    Love ya, Kim