Thursday, December 15, 2016

From the inside looking out

This is a very different winter for me as I'm pretty much confined to the house because of very low energy, my hemoglobin was down and that causes lack of oxygen to vital organs. So I know I'm not just lazy. But life is pretty boring, I'm not out and about and taking pictures of snow and cold and the animals I love. Or Bruce! I spend a lot of time looking out the windows to see what is going on, late yesterday Mollie went crazy and I looked out just in time to see 4 or 5 deer run across the pasture, over the fence, across the road and on south. They were running like their tails were on fire so we assume there were hunters involved.

Bruce was heading out to the front pasture to cut up some wood when I saw 4 pheasants, two pair which is really exciting because we have very few around, tip toeing down the fence line. We hope they stay around the house where they are safe from predators like.....,

.....the two coyotes we saw this morning on the way to Cherokee for the latest blood test. One crossed the road just east of us and the other was standing in the field across from the pond. 

Why can't we just all get along?

I'm still fighting the mouse (mice) in the bee hive, I have two traps set with a mini marshmallow taped to the trigger. When the bugger(s) tripped one twice, I upped the game and put a sticky trap inside. But two days have passed and nothing has happened, I'm just hoping he found the package of poison I put inside also. It's way too cold to disrupt the hive to find him.

Speaking of cold and it's only going to get worse before it gets better, we have a quirky weatherman on Channel 4, T.J. Springer who must have come from a warm climate because as soon as the weather changed, his constant mantra during his report was, "Stay inside, it's too cold to be out there!" Well, how would our animals get fed? How would the bridge get built on our road? How would you ever get mail delivered? It was getting annoying and I think someone finally told him to shut up, because we have not heard that in the last couple of days. But the jury is still out when the temps are dropping on Saturday night to -18 or so. I'm glad that the chickens have a heater at night and all the animals have warm heated beds. I just wish all animals were so lucky. 

People are still being incredibly kind to us, we have a lot of food in the freezer to tide us over when I don't have the strength to cook. Knowing I wasn't going to get out any Christmas decorations, another friend, Lisa, brought us a mini Christmas tree she made from flower pots, it's so cute! And she brought food. The Christmas cards are coming in and I hope people understand that right now I'm not in the mood to reciprocate, maybe in the New Year?

Last night Becky called, concerned that I hadn't blogged or even emailed and I told her I was boring right now. So she told me I could even use the picture of Crazy Becky that I snapped a couple of years ago, how could I pass that up?

Merry Christmas!

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