Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Christmas Eve Day

Yesterday was biopsy day, I'm always nervous because some have not been a good experience but I should know by now that the crew at NMC does all they can. We drove to Omaha Thursday night because the weather was not going to be good at home late that night and early morning and it wasn't. This motel had a hot tub so we packed our swimsuits but by the time we got there, we were both out of the mood, after all, it was 7:30, nearly our bedtime! When we woke up and saw the cars with snow on top and wet streets we were glad we made that decision.

With any 'procedure' it's hurry up and wait, we got to the hospital just before 10 and my appointment with the surgeon was at noon. They looked terribly busy but surprisingly on time. This biopsy was a CT guided so I was scrunched up in the machine with my legs hanging over the end, my arms above my head, blankets tucked around to try to keep me warm but leave my chest exposed to the world. Then the nurse had the audacity to ask if I was comfortable, I just rolled my eyes.

Dr. Dafoe asked if I did well with sedation, I said I love sedation and he laughed so I was pretty fuzzy during the retrieval of tissue. Since my heart is right behind where they needed to biopsy, he went in from the side. It was scheduled to take an hour and they were right, I was back in my little cubicle when Bruce came in then watched me sleep for a couple more before we were set free. 

We drove in rain for awhile and further down the road we had a glimpse of what the morning commute was like. We saw a pickup and anhydrous tank on a trailer upside down in the west ditch, the pickup top was smashed and all four door were open. Just a little ways up or down the road I guess, there was a car in the medium still there. We were doubly thankful that we had not been in that mix master.

Today is the annual Wilcox Christmas get together with family and, after being up and around, I'm ready to go and spend a few hours. I might have to hang a sign around my neck, Hug Gently! Sister Sue just invited us up to SC for Christmas dinner, you can't beat that.

I've had this photo that I wanted to use, who is this masked woman?

Is she a celebrity trying to disguise her identity while skiing and hobnobbing in Aspen?

No, she is a dedicated farm wife helping her hubby do chores in -20+ temps in Iowa! Lisa is a great friend who has let me live vicariously through photos of her lovely decorated house. Knowing I wasn't going to get any up, she made me this cute Christmas tree out of clay flower pots and presents magically appeared.

It graces the dusty top of our TV armoire and makes me smile when I see it. I hope you all have the joy and warmth in your hearts that comes with this holiday season as we remember the birth of a tiny baby on that cold winter night.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Aww, I love that tree Julie!! Just perfect, up where you can both see it all the time. I have thought of the annual Wilcox/Nielsen get together often this week. I'm so glad the weather is accommodating for the festivities!! At least I hope it is. We're to get rain turning to freezing rain tomorrow, 40 temps. Such weird weather!! But I'll take this anytime as compared to one week ago!! Have lots of fun with the families and yes, Merry Christmas to all!!

  2. Wonderful to read this post, Julie, your cheeriness comes thru whether it is true or faked til you make it! Glad you went the night before, I had seen your forecast and was hoping you got there without issues. Give everybody a light hug from us today and have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I was thinking of Christmas Eve's of the past--- at Margaret & Stanley's for so many years, then to the Wilcox' fun it is to have these wonderful memories and how wonderful the tradition is still going strong!! Hope you had another great night of laughter and felt all the love surrounding you! Merry Christmas to you and Dear Brucie too! Love you so much!