Monday, June 13, 2016

Wig shopping, it's not for sissies

I knew I wouldn't be so lucky this time around with chemo, gone was the nicey, nicey stuff that let me keep my hair, this stuff means business and last week I scratched my head and came away with a hand full of mixed grey curls. Oh the inhumanity of it all!!!! If they can't cure cancer, please come up with a baldness preventative and let us keep a bit of our dignity. Although I won't mind not have to pluck those annoying chin hairs......

This was one of the things I dreaded most of all, yes, people use cliques, "Oh, it's a Badge of Courage!!" Horse Hockey, it's a darned embarrassment and I had no desire to hunt out cute head wear, I wanted to retain as much as a natural look as possible. 

And then there was the inevitable advice from sister Sara, who cautioned me to think twice about shelling out money for a wig. Her sister in law evidently didn't get along with her's, she got in the car one day, tore it off, threw it across the seat, found a pair of her husband's underwear and put them on her head.

Well, I GUARANTEE you, I'm NOT running around with a pair of Bruce's underwear on my HEAD!!!!

I got a recommendation for a spa in Spencer that did a great job for a young woman I know who went through this so I called for an appointment. This morning Bruce and I picked up Alex and went to see what they could do for me.

I don't remember the lady's name but she was very nice, knowledgeable and oh, so helpful. She first fitted me with just a generic wig to get the size, she said not to freak out, it's wasn't the style or the color I would choose but it made me want to run screaming out the door and never return, but I refrained.

Then she gave us books to look at, Bruce and Alex were right there with me and we each picked out ones we thought I would like, then the lady looked at the specifics and explained why I might or might not like it so that really helped narrow the choices. In the end, we all agreed on 2, she will order them both then I will go back for a fitting and see if either is a winner.

Then it was time to pick the color and Bruce and Alex pored over the color swatches, pressed against my own hair and discussed the pros and cons. "This one had too much grey, this too brown." It was great having them there.

And then it hits, I'm really going to lose my hair and the tears come but Alex didn't let me cry alone.

By then it was time for some dinner and we were directed to Weasies Burgers down the street and we were not disappointed. I suddenly realized I had an appetite and scarfed down a huge chipotle burger and waffle fries and regretted it on the way home when indigestion set in. Perhaps a bit too much for my tender tummy? 

We dropped Alex off at her house, hugs all around and on to Cherokee for groceries where my love fest with food continued, Bing candy bars and Gummi Bears fell into the cart, along with two kinds of ice cream. I did round it out with half a cart of fruit, Mount Rainier cherries that tally up to $12 but so worth it.

My mood had been up and down all morning and it shot up again when I pulled a handful of cards out of the mailbox, sweet, touching and belly laughing cards from caring people who want us to know we are being thought of.

My favorite today was "I'm not sure who invented sending flowers when times are tough....donuts are far more practical."

Just for today I'm grateful for those who continue to go out of their way to prop us up.

(And I'm REALLY regretting that Chipotle burger right now!)


  1. Big Hug to you my dear friend !!!!
    Love You !!

  2. That's our girl, strong and courageous - we so admire you Julie; you are fighting for yourself in every way, and that is so important when it comes to winning! Your word pictures are so very spot on it's almost like being there! Love you honey!

  3. Agree with big sister ! Although I laughed when I pictured Bruce's tighty whiteys on your head, and cried when I read your words about reality hitting you....still...this is why we love you so! You are tough and you know you can get through this, even losing the hair, you can rock through this with all of our prayers, thoughts, and love coming to you. We think of you every day and I am always looking online or in stores for "something" and although right now, I don't know what it is, but when I figure it out you'll have a surprise arriving via the mail or via the Salzwedel cargo! Love you!

  4. Praying for you Julie! God is with you! love--Deb Jorgensen