Saturday, June 11, 2016

Love is the Best Medicine!

Bruce took a well deserved fishing trip to the MN cabin this week with Janet, Gerald, son, Brian and friend, Michelle. My sisters and friends rallied around me at home, bringing food, doing chores, keeping me company and staying the night. They all are excellent nurses and they plum wore me out!

Rosanne and Kaiza were the first shift on Tuesday, Kim came with a pizza and Alex brought orange sherbet and Gatorade, it was an impromptu party and we laughed into the night in the gazebo.

Mollie didn't want Kim to leave without her when it came time to go, she thought she would fit nicely in the other seat.

Rosanne did a bunch of chicken chores and watered plants for me on Wed, then had to return to her real world. Big sister, Sara, showed up with bags of food, we certainly weren't going to go hungry! Becky picked up Kim, bringing a Beer City Pizza from Remsen and it was really good.

Another late night of laughs and stories, Sara and I both had a restless night, we were eating raisin bread toast at midnight and it hit the spot. Sara tackled my kitchen in the morning and scrubbed everything until it sparkled.

Sue arrived Thursday in her little motor home with more food, between what she and Sara had, we had a noon feast before Sara took off for home. It was just Sue and I Thursday night and I was ready for a little peace and quiet, they were wearing me out.

Sue offered to mow if she thought she could run our Grasshopper so I gave her a quick lesson and away she went. It was a job much appreciated, my neighbor girl, Jillian, might get drafted to do the trimming again.

The best thing Sue brought were her 'Knock-off Bob Dogs', we both like to meet in LeMars and have a Bob Dog when we can and this was a pretty good imitation without having to clean up and drive 30 miles for one. 

By the time Sue left on Friday, I was totally exhausted and slept most of the afternoon away, waking that night and feeling pretty darned good. Just a little wobbly and shaky, nothing a good night's sleep wouldn't cure.

Bruce called late and said he would be on the road early Saturday with a lot of things to do when he got home. I woke up early this morning and went right to the gazebo where it was cool with my iced coffee. I felt rejuvenated and finally got dressed, fixed sugar water for the bees and went to the pond to see how they were doing. They were receptive to the feeder bottles, all three hives look quite industrious and some of the comb is heavy with honey. It felt good to get out and do something constructive.

Back at home, Otto was sunning himself on the rocks.....

.....and this was one of the painted lady butterflies that hatched and I released last week. I see them hanging around the plants every day.

It was a busy, tiring week but I feel so loved and cherished by everyone. Even the dogs are taking their nursing duties seriously, they are outside the gazebo with me each day, only leaving when they hear a vehicle drive in to escort any visitors to the back yard. Everyone tells me how quiet they are, no barking, jumping, or being a general nuisance in the rear end.

"She's resting so don't stay too long!"

Feel free to stop in, we'll be in the gazebo.


  1. Oh my gosh I look like I'm about to spit in Mollie's horrible LOL !!!

    It is so great to spend time with you and your family. Great stories !!

  2. So glad to hear you have an appetite again, those days sounded wonderful with all your company. Friends, family, such a blessing!

  3. What a sanctuary your little gazebo has turned into! Beautiful pictures showing its loveliness and the love shows in the pictures of your family and friends! And those hot dogs look yummy!