Monday, June 6, 2016

Happy 24th Anniversary to US!

June 6, 1992, a day that went down in infamy as Bruce went from a 42 yr old bachelor to a married man and has never looked back.

How young we were! 

We have received anniversary wishes and cards all day long, never dreaming the trials and tribulations, the joys and happy memories we have stockpiled in those 24 years.

Happy Anniversary, my loving hubby, how was I so lucky to have found you??


  1. as they say 'it's in the mail' but yes it's true, I put your anniversary card in the mailbox this morning and had to re=check the years, 24!! it was a beautiful wedding!! 24 years of thanking God for bringing you two together, rarely a day goes by Julie that I don't give a little prayer of thanks for YOU making my brother so happy. I hope you two had a wonderful day, and that it was an especially good one for you both. So much love, Carol

  2. Ditto what CG says! Although, my card is also in the mail, I should have looked at my calender of birthdays, etc and not gone off memory, I was thinking that it was next week! Loved seeing the picture you put on here...did you watch your wedding video too ? Happy anniversary! Love Gerb

  3. you two are such special people. So glad you have each other. Hope you had a great day!! Love to you both.

  4. Great photo...great memories;of that day and many since! Here's to many more!

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