Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A little bald hens best friend!

I was lamenting in a previous blog about how mean some of the hens are to the little black cochin hen, to the point where they have snatched her bald headed and I wondered if Alex could knit her a little hat to cover it like she has done for me.

Yesterday Alex came over bearing more, vibrant colored hats for me to feel better about my own lack of hair and she was up for the challenge! She knitted two little hats for the cochin also!

We're Smurfs!

Gone is the gray, I have my brown hair back!

While Bruce was off golfing this morning, the little hen and I had a photo session in the gazebo, I'm not quite sure what she thought about the whole thing but I love the hats!

Just for today I'm grateful for good friends who go out of their way to make me laugh!


  1. OMG.....HAAAHAAA.....Love it !!!!

  2. WTH (what the heck) !!!! Julie, you never cease to come up with something to make me shake my head and laugh!!!

  3. I was laughing also and told Tom he had to come see these pictures. Love the hats!!!

  4. I'm wondering how long your little hen kept on her cute topper, Julie?? Bet the other coop ladies will be jealous. Just love the hats, Julie - Alex is a God-send for you, isn't she?? Please give her a thank you hug from me, the 'new hair' is perfect for you. Now, I'm wondering if you would ever think of a purple & gold one in solidarity for us Viking fans?!?! Love the pictures, and you!! CG

  5. Those are great! Unbelievable that she made little chicken hats!