Friday, June 24, 2016


After being a sleepy head slug for years, suddenly I'm an early riser, waking at the first bird chirps from outside our bedroom window. I slide quietly out of bed, put on some sweats and head out to the gazebo - after swallowing a handful of drugs to start my day. I fix my iced mocha coffee, take the tablet and crawl into my nest and soon this is the sight that I see.

It doesn't take the chickens long to start rustling about the coop, this little hen and I have something in common, she also has a bald head from being picked on, at least that isn't my problem. Maybe Alex can knit her a little cap also.

It makes her very nervous and she is usually the first one out of the coop, off and running to hide from the bullies.

Nighttime is a repeat performance as she makes her way back to the coop to run the gauntlet, trying to take refuge in a next before she gets more feathers ripped out.

There really is a 'pecking order' among chickens.

A year ago I was hard at work getting ready for the TTT garden tour coming up in July, watering faithfully, plucking out any errant weeds, it's a lot different this year. But it seems that the flowers are helping me out, with all the rain that we have had, everything has exploded. The hollyhocks are around 7 feet tall and blocking out a lot of weeds.

The same with these gorgeous red lilies, I'm 5'3" and they are much taller than me, again, blocking out the weeds that are trying to overtake them from behind.

I'm not sure who gave me these lilies but they are gorgeous.

The pond is just as pretty this year as it was last, now the water lilies are starting to bloom.

Another big clematis vine, blocking out more weeds, I'm beginning to think that this isn't a bad way to garden!

On the front porch are the purple French clematis that lived for years at the farm, draping over the trellis that Leo built across the white picket fence.

I got another great card that is so true - On the highway of life, there are bound to be some bumps in the road....along with crater-sized potholes, backed-up construction traffic, and that one jerk who always cuts you off. (But anyway, you'll get through it.)

Just for today I'm grateful for friends who show up with root beer floats and pizza.


  1. Love those red lilies.......they are spectacular. I agree the flowers are so pretty this year and have outdone themselves. Everything looks great !!

  2. I have some lilies that are similar to that, but mine are not quite that tall and I did give away some of those. Love the pictures and the card is so true.

  3. Okay, I know first hand that:
    1) your weeds are not as bad as you are saying;
    2) root beer floats are always better when eaten before the pizza;
    3) God is Good and continues to watch over you;
    4)(and I am really, I really mean really going to get more seeds and bulbs from your awesome red lilies). The dogs and I will be really quiet while I'm digging!!

    Love you, Beck

  4. your flowers as usual are spectacular, Julie...I have a very strong sentimental attachment to the hollyhocks, remembering myself as a youngin' trying to make little dolls out of the blooms. We have tried unsuccessfully, many times, to grow them here in our little yard and they have never taken off. Thanks for the pictures!! Especially the sunrise. Maybe you can send a little bit of that rain up north??? As usual, we are dry - dry -. So glad you are doing well and have those great people surrounding you with support, love - and treats!! Love ya, CG