Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Welcome Bruce and Julie French to the 21st Century!!"

Well, we did it, we have a Smart Phone!! We can Google, we can Text (Say it isn't so!!), we have unlimited minutes, we can check our heart rate and how much exercise we are getting, we can zero in on any place in the world to see what is going on, we can even take pictures, if we are only smart enough to figure out how to use it.

We have struggled with lack of service in MN with the little cheapo flip phone, but the $30 monthly fee was a big draw for my frugal hubby, who carried the phone. He was limited to 300 minutes and no texting, which was fine with us. We did not use the phone for the primary contact and Bruce seldom ran over the minutes, when he did there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Did I say he was frugal?

When Bruce was in MN, he has been fishing with John and we relied on him to keep us connected but that was aggravating. Thursday we were driving home from Storm Lake and I was trying to call but the phone refused, "Action Failed", time and time again. I was tempted to throw it out the window! (It was a good thing I didn't, as Tami had to use it to retrieve our information.) I was wailing and gnashing my teeth about the "Piece of Crap Phone...." when Bruce suddenly said, "Maybe we should upgrade?" I wasn't sure I heard right but he pulled into Meriden and drove to CML, our local telephone coop.

We walked out 2 hours later, well that may be a slight exaggeration, with this lovely beauty.

A Samsung Galaxy s5, that will do everything but clean your ears and there may be an app for that. Tami gave us a crash course and transferred our phone contacts, she even set it up with the Bluetooth in our car. We have unlimited talk and text (say it isn't so!), we have made it clear to everyone that WE DO NOT TEXT! For one thing, it cost us every time someone sent us a text and besides, can't you just talk on the darn phone!! (Case in point, after 7 texts back and forth since last night to a young man in SD who was coming to pick up something, Bruce finally called him to find out he wasn't coming after all! What a waste of time!)

It is mind numbing what these electronics can and will do, the big test will be when Bruce is in MN, will it work?? He did take this picture of the cows and calves feeding at the bunk in the pasture Friday morning, the sun was shining on them and they look so pretty. And I was able to figure out how to email it to us!!


Friday night we decided to go to Paullina to eat and called Janet and Foof to see if they wanted to come, they did. While we were there, Brian and Christine and all three kiddies showed up also so we were telling them about our leap into the 21st century with our phone, come to find out, it's the same one that both Brian and Chris have. 

Suddenly I looked around the table and everyone, kids included, had their phones out, looking at them, showing things they do and I realized we have become those annoying people who are out in public and everyone is engrossed in their phone!!


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