Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Giving a cow a pedicure, caution, do not try this at home!

When both Bovine and Equine animals over eat, they develop a condition called laminitis, an inflammation of the feet which causes lameness and makes the hoofs grow upwards. If not kept trimmed, the animals will become crippled and unable to get around very well. We had a young cow that over ate last fall when they were turned out into the cornfields and over the winter her hooves started pointing skyward, Bruce called her 'Old Ski Foot.' He finally made an appointment with the vets to get her trimmed before it was time to go to the pasture.

These are not the eyes of a gentle cow, these are the eyes of a cow that is vowing to get revenge.

At the vet's office she was run into a headgate and haltered, then Clayton gave her some tranqualizing pills.

They didn't help.

It took two vets and Bruce to get her up against the tilt table, squeezed by a gate....

....pulled by her tail....

...belted around the flank and behind her front legs.

"Going up!"

She was trussed up like a Thankgiving turkey, head strapped down along with her feet, she wasn't moving.

She had a lot of time to plot her revenge.

This is what her feet were beginning to look like.

"Just go to sleep now."

Clayton started by nipping off the big points....

.....then worked over the hooves with the hoof knife, digging out any bad places.

The final step was done with an electric grinder, YIKES!!!!!

After shaping and primping all four feet, "Going Down."

Clayton and Jarod released her from all the trusses....

....and she immediately went after Bruce.

"You, YOU are the one who did this to me!!"
She had no interest in getting in the trailer, she was still out for revenge, then Jarod climbed in the front to create a diversion.

She leaped in the trailer but wasn't fast enough, Jarod was out the side door to safety.

Back home she tries out her new pedicure but she still wasn't happy.

Perhaps because she didn't get them painted in the new, hot summer colors, like 'Moola' or 'Alfalfa Green', I'm not sure what color goes best with manure.

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