Tuesday, July 28, 2015

News Flash! Birds identified!!

And I didn't even have to dress in camo and sit in the raspberry patch!! After much sneaking around I finally caught a bird leaving the nest one day but didn't know what she was, she would sit in the tree and go "Tick, Tick, Tick." while I was in the vicinity. Most of the time the babies were in the nest unaccompanied but growing and feathering so I knew they were getting fed.

 Early this morning we had a 'gully washer' rain, along with booming thunder that about knocked me out of bed and lightning bolts that lit up the sky. I had to dress in water gear and go divert the rain barrel but not before water came in the basement, I also ran to the barn to close the door but not before water poured in.

After doing chores this morning I tiptoed out to the nest to see how the babies fared and it was EMPTY!!! OH, NO!!!

But then there was a flurry of feathers and a tiny bird flew to the top of one of the raspberry canes and an Indigo Bunting pair flew out!!!!! The male is a beautiful dark blue, the female brown. I got the heck out of there, the babies are safe in the warren of berry thorns and the pair can take care of them.

It's so EXCITING!!! They are not a bird we see very often, it made my day!

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  1. How exciting, I had an indigo ONCE at my feeder. It was so exciting. They are a beautiful bird.