Friday, July 10, 2015

Herding chickens!

You've heard the phrase, herding cats, herding chickens can be just as frustrating. The little red hen has raised a family and went back to the flock, leaving the five chicks to forage on their own. 

The chicks were just like the normal teenager, given some freedom and the car keys and told not to get into too much trouble. 

They run around the farm all day, literally, they run, it's fun to watch the four big chicks with a little bitty chick right on their heels. 

She is like the annoying little sister that tags along everywhere they go. 

They are very indulgent but sometimes she gets lost in the tall grass and then cries and cries until she finds them. And it's up to her to find them, they never go looking for her, after all she is the annoying little sister. 

When night comes the four big chicks lineup on the top of their scratch yard, preparing to spend the night outside. 

I found little sister beside her real parents on the roost inside the coop, I thought at least I had one smart when in the bunch. 

Well, I spoke too soon, every night after that I found all five sitting on top of the scratch yard, preparing to spend the night outside.

They corrupted her. 

So every night, no matter what time I got home, I had to go herd the five into the chicken coop. If it was very late I carried them in, two by two with them screaming at the top of their lungs as though I was sending them to their deaths. 

If it was still fairly light I used a stick to chase them off their perch and herd them into the coop and it's not easy. Chickens have never been easy to herd. I'd end up with five chickens dashing to and fro, every chicken for itself. Eventually they would all make it into the coop and then, since it was dark inside, there was much fluttering and squawking as they attempted to find a place on the perch. 

I love my chickens but they are not the smartest animal on the farm. 

It's a good thing they lay those delicious eggs, it makes up for some of the frustrations. 

I certainly hope they get the idea before winter that they spend the night in the coop. 

But I'm not holding my breath. 

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