Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Calling all birders!

When I was picking black raspberries I came upon this nest made completely from insulation, woven into some raspberry canes. I didn't notice that my picture came out looking so green, the bottom two shows the true color.

The nest was empty when I first found it but soon some eggs appeared, first only two but there ended up being four little blue eggs. The only bird I ever saw hanging around was a wren, so I assumed this was a wren nest. I picked black raspberries for a couple of weeks, still only the four eggs and never an adult bird. I came to the conclusion that the nest had been abandoned.

Today I walking by and peeked in and to my surprise, some newly hatched baby birds were in residence, I saw three sitting up with their mouths open, waiting for food.

Still no adult bird in residence! I asked Mr. Google if wrens lay blue eggs and that does not seem to be so, they have brown speckled eggs. Robins, of course, lay blue eggs, as do bluebirds, but to me these eggs were much too tiny to be robin eggs and blue birds are cavity nesters.

So I'm stumped, am I going to have to put up the game camera to find out who is responsible for these baby birds?

I will say one thing for whoever built this nest, they were brave and tenacious, messing with black raspberry canes is not for the faint at heart, they like to grab on and not let go!

Maybe I'll have dress up in camo clothing to stake it out.

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  1. I'd like to see you dressed in camo and hiding among the berry bushes!! Ouch...