Monday, May 11, 2015

This post is for you, Carol!!

Hey C.G., I've spent a lot of time at the pond with the dogs and every time I'm there, I think of how much you love it. So this post is for you.

Remember when you were here two winters ago, Janet, you and I had a walk at the pond?

It must have been late winter/early spring because we already had some hardy geese tromping around.

This is such a familiar sound, if this doesn't bring you running home, what will??

If you ask the dogs what is the best part of their day, it's always, "Going to the Pond!"

I do not know who planted these daffodils but each spring a row of them come up along side the road leading to the picnic area.

My dogs can climb trees!!

No snow or ice here, just white caps and barn swallows diving for insects.

The road leading to the first cabin, Bruce is having to take out a bunch of dead pines that Leo planted too close together.

There is always adventures at the pond.

We stumbled onto a nest of goose eggs, the next time we looked a goose was sitting.

This was the first nest I saw and one day all there was, were feathers.

In the next pond was the mother with seven adorable babies and a protective and proud father.

We were there late one night, the sun was going down over the water.

And to get your juices flowing, just smell the pork burgers grilling by your big brother, smothered with grilled onions. I think Mark has his plate full.

This was taken 8/17/2011.

Even if we don't squeeze a picnic in while you are here, I hope you at least get a walk in, see you soon!!

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  1. so glad she was able to come home and walk around the pond! :) Wish we could have done the same. The picture of the grill got my mouth watering for a pork burger and grilled onions! :)