Monday, June 23, 2014

Times when I wish I'd had a camera

The day I was driving down the highway and saw a hawk sitting on a post - with a 'No Hunting' sign clearly posted.

When a cow was vigorously scrubbing her new born calf to rid it of all the birth detritus and the baby raised her head and licked her mother's nose.

The baby robin was sitting on the railing of our porch, not a good place for a baby bird with dogs and cats around. The parents were flying around making a racket, "Fly! FLY!!" I tried to scoop it up to take it to safety further from the house when he flew. One of the adult birds flew directly at me with it's talons outstretched to impale me,  mouth wide open, words spilling out that I had no idea robins knew! It landed on the railing and kept up the diatribe, finally flying off in a huff. I was headed to the barn but the bird cut me off, still quite irate at my intervention. I think I was lucky to get away with my life. My advice is, Never, never mess with a mother robin.

I would have liked to have seen my sister, Rosanne, picking strawberries and putting them in a bowl ---- that her 5 hens, who were following her around, were eating out of when she wasn't looking.

Bruce told me when he opened the door this morning to let Zoe out, Mollie and Murphy, the big and the little dog, were lying side by side, sleeping with feet pointing in the same direction. As the screen door opened, they both raised their head at the same time, looked over their shoulder, saw it was 'just Zoe', laid their heads back down on the rug and closed their eyes. Synchronized sleeping!

Last summer Zoe, the cutest kitten in the world, and I were spending a lovely evening in the gazebo when we were rudely interrupted by an obnoxious gang of sparrows who invaded the tree right above us. They were a hoodlum gang who were drinking, showing off and creating a lot of noise that woke Zoe from her slumbers. She raised her head and looked up at all the racket, finally getting to her feet and going to the door. When I didn't immediately jump up and let her out, she fixed her eyes on me until I got the message! I let her out, she climbed the tree, walked out on the branch where they were congregated and sent them all packing. Zoe returned to the gazebo door and patiently waited for me to let her back in, mission accomplished.

Early Sunday morning thunder, lightening and rain moved in, it rumbled and grumbled for several hours. I got up fairly early, for me, got my coffee and quilt and went to the gazebo to enjoy listening to the rain on the roof. I was reading my book and drinking coffee when I became aware of another noise, a hen who had missed curfew the night before and looked like a drowned rat. Murphy went to see what was going on and that really ruffled her feathers. I felt sorry for her so didn't bother with the camera, just ushered her into the chicken house to dry off. Guess I better not be in such a big hurry to shut the chicken door for the night.

Maybe I'll have to spring for a pair of those Google glasses so I will always be equipped....but probably not.

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