Thursday, June 12, 2014

Have I ever mentioned that Murphy is SO SMART??!

I bought this foot operated dog waterer last summer for Mollie because she always wanted to drink from hoses as I was running around watering plants. She never got the hang of it.

Enter Murphy, I showed her once....

....and she is a pro.

At first she was so excited she dug at the waterer and moved it around until I thought I was going to have to bolt it to the concrete. But the novelty of it soon wore off and she uses it just for drinking, not for playing.

The trick to this waterer is to have it in the shade, otherwise the water in the hose would get hot, it works perfectly on the front step and provides her a cool, fresh drink whenever Murphy wants one.

It's funny to watch Mollie try to get a drink while Murphy is holding down the foot pedal, sometimes Murphy obliges her and sometimes she steps off and Mollie searches for the water. "It was just here a moment ago!"

I'm telling you, that Murphy is one smart puppy and I fear I'm losing her to the charms of Bruce....

First Mollie, now Murphy....sigh......


  1. Murphy is so smart and that is why she is a pistol! Not like Junior who just trails me around and waits for my every command - but he won't do the dishes. Love your blog, I look at least 3 times a day for a new one - Sister Rosanna

  2. It didn't take me long to say, "Murphy is too smart for her own good!" You are right about the pistol, I'm cleaning the garage and it's a treasure hunt for her!! She carries stuff off and when I get after her, she does that little, "UP YOUR'S!" that she has perfected! And poor Mollie, she is SO SORRY about everything so I keep reassuring her, "It's not you, honey, you are a GOOD DOG!"

  3. I can not believe how big Murphy is already. I wonder if Buster could learn to use a foot operated waterer, he loves to play in water and drink from a faucet.