Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Mother of The Year award goes to.......

....the little red frizzle hen! I had no idea over the years of putting up with her extreme broodiness, what a conscientious mother she would be. This was not something she took lightly, once she accepted the chicks, which was a bit dicey at first, she threw herself into motherhood.

All day long they are outside, catching flies, scratching for bugs, it's nearly impossible to get a good photo of them as they are constantly on the move. The chicks are growing fast but she has no thoughts of rejoining the ranks of the single hens, she loves her babies.

After a few skirmishes with other hens, I integrated the little red hen and her three chicks with the rest of the flock. Just to be on the safe side, she gathers her brood up on the rock right outside the chicken coop at night ......

.....waiting for the rest of the chickens to enter the coop.....

....the four feathered family members slip through the gate into their former pen, from there into the coop.....

.....where they hop up into a cozy nest for the night!

What better way to keep three active chicks corralled and out of trouble?


  1. Love this story.......she is a good mother, and love how she has them by her side all the time, so cute !!!!

  2. Last night when the storms hit, she got her family inside the apartment of the coop where they lived but not into the nest box because it was so dark. The wind was blowing in their little chicken door and the little red hen was spread out, trying to get her family under her, which was impossible because she's not big enough! It was funny, there were two safely under her sheltering feathers while the dark chick was running around, "Let me in, LET ME IN!" I got their door shut and left her to figure out what to do with them.

  3. Those babies are growing and Little Red Frizzle in happy being mother of the year!