Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fancy and Francine go to pasture

It was time for Fancy and our miracle calf to go to the pasture with the others, we'd had some storms blow through and the sun and green grass was calling. Francine wasn't sure about the loose footing in the dirt lot, she'd only been on cement.

 If you put your tail in the air, it provides ballast.

Francine, Bruce thinks her name is a little pretentious but I'm planting the seed in his mind that she's going to be an excellent future cow. I also have the backing of Mark, our vet, when he came out to make a house call.

But, as my sister in law, Jean, says, "I digress..." Francine wasn't sure about this whole trip business.... 

"Where are we going??"

"I'm tired, can you carry me?"

Suddenly Francine spots the open gate and the green expanse of grass ahead and kicks it into high gear. 

Then it's her mother's turn to whine....

"Will you slow down, I did just give birth a few days ago!"

And they are safely in the pasture.....

"EWWWW! What is that thing on the ground??"

"It's a cow pie, what do you think it is, you silly girl."
Francine has to let off a little water of her own...

....and they head off to explore under the trees.

Our brave herding dog, Murphy, is feeling very good about herself, despite the fact that she did all her herding from the safety of the other side of the fence.

"You two go on and don't come back again or else....!"

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