Thursday, June 26, 2014

"If I'd known Grandkids were so much fun....."

"I'd had them first!" Who hasn't heard that saying and know that there is some truth in it, but then parents are busy trying to feed and clothe their family and grandparents are just free to indulge those same children.

So it would seem at Tom and Sue's house with grandson, Jaxon. (Actually Sue says Pappy lets Jaxon do whatever he wants while she is the disciplinarian.) But they both thoroughly enjoyed their own two boys, even with the challenges of building business'. Whatever Ross and Todd were involved in, they threw themselves into. While our own father was pretty much hands off with us, Tom and Sue could be found playing ball, sledding in the winter, hauling ponies to horse shows and building cages for Todd's pigeon colony.

I felt a little envious of Dad and Mom's immersion of all their grandchildren's lives when they were retired and had the time to follow ball games, wrestling matches (which Mom did not like, but went!), horse shows, camping, fishing and anything else that came up. I only barely remember Dad's mother, whom we visited infrequently, when we did there was usually a snack of Spam and tea! So in their case, the old adage was probably true. But, as Jean would say, "I digress....."

You first met Jaxon and his buddy, Buster, last summer, they were both playing on Grandma's floor with an ice cube.

Jaxon and Buster are both growing up but still best of friends, here they are playing one of their favorite games, Jaxon pulls a sheet around the yard and Buster rides.

With a little help from his Pappy.

Jaxon and his Pappy share a special bond as they go to the garden to plant gladioli bulbs.

Jaxon takes the bulbs out of the package.... them in the trench that Tom dug with a hoe.....

.....and dusts the dirt off his hands, a job well done.

They read a favorite book.....

...and meet Mr. Owl who would still like to take a chunk out of his handler.

Jaxon and Buster on the hill behind his grandparents house.

Jaxon sporting a faint bruise where he tumbled into a chair.

I'm sorry I don't have pictures of Sue, like me, she was behind a camera. Sue is the glass artist who has graced me and my garden with several treasured glass creations. She also graciously opened their lovely home to the spur of the moment, self invited picnic, with even more family unexpectedly showing up. I have never mastered the art of having a presentable house anytime like Sue does.

If you want to come to my house unannounced, you better bring a broom......

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  1. Love the pictures, Julie. Since everyone was outside I did not have to worry about all the places that needed to be dusted. The dust will have to wait until after my show on the 4th now.