Friday, August 7, 2015

Trump at the Marcus Fair!!!

Yeah, yeah, I know it wasn't really Trump, he was coming down off the big debate last night but as Bruce and I were leaving the fair right after dinner, we met this bus!

We drove down the street a block and I said to Bruce, "We have to go back so I can get a picture, it's too good of an opportunity!" Bruce did turn around, our parking space was still there so he pulled in and parked again. We set out for the fairground, certain that the bus had pulled in. 

It hadn't.

We went out the west gate, scanning the streets for the purple bus but then noticed a young man wearing a Trump t-shirt. I yelled, "Where's the bus??" He turned around and grinned, then pointed at the corner and there it sat. He was trying to find a place to park but not necessarily on the grounds.

We asked him how the heck they knew about the Marcus fair and he said he has a very good friend who keeps him informed about all that is going on in the community. Then he asked Bruce what his name was and when Bruce told him, he said, "I know you! Do you still have your radio station?"

It was Chris Hupke from Cherokee and his informant was Jon Furhman, our good friend and neighbor. 

What a small world. This picture is his parents at the garden tour in July out here at the farm.

Bruce watched the hog show while I was in the flower building this morning, both Carly and Carson, Jon's kids showed hogs so we knew they were on the grounds yet. Chris told us to get in the bus and we would go find a parking place.

I rode in (one) of Trump's bus'.

You would think with his money it would be a little fancier.

Bruce called Jon and told him we were going to find a parking spot for the bus, right where you drive to the fairground is an empty lot with a sign on the tree, way back and to the right, with a phone number, For Sale. I called that number and asked if we could park a bus for the day on that lot. Whoever was on the phone, gave his permission.

I didn't say who's bus!!

Then Bruce wanted his picture in front of the bus, we shook hands with Chris again, I actually got a hug, and left for home. I had chickens that needed to be let out and a salad to make for Janet and Gerald's 50th anniversary celebration tonight.

It probably won't be quite as exciting - but you never know, the day is still young.

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