Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Hummers are back!

Every spring and every fall I will have a hummingbird or two but never through the summer so I only put feeders out when I see them. Last Saturday I was getting ready to wash the living room windows, my sister in law, Sue, the glass artist, made this lovely stained glass picture and painted a cardinal on the glass.

I just pulled out the couch and came face to face with a hummingbird trying to get at the red frame!

I quickly mixed up some sugar water, enough for three feeders and luckily I knew where I kept them, not always the case. It took awhile to hang the three, I had to confiscate some fishing line from one of Bruce's poles because if I don't, the ants take over the feeders.

All three were hung and I waited, and waited, and waited, an entire week. I kept thinking I should change out the sugar water but with the flooding, taking care of the baby calf and helping friends, I didn't do it. Friday noon I was cleaning up the dinner dishes when a hummingbird was at the feeder!!

Great Excitement Abounded!!

I quickly mixed up a new batch of sugar water and when he left, I raced out and took down that feeder. While I was washing it in the sink, I kept watch out the window and soon he was back, zipping around, rather confused.

"It was here just a minute ago!!"

I took that one back and hung it and got the other two. Then I set up the camera on the tripod with remote shutter and sat out on the front porch waiting.

I think they are called Hummingbirds because if you are close enough to hear them, as they sip the nectar, they say, "Hmmmmm." No lie, I was just inches away from one outside the garden shed and heard him.

If you have the patience you can get hummingbirds to eat out of your hand by holding a feeder, first starting with a dummy sitting in a chair near the feeder until they get used to it. I even saw a picture of a fat guy laying on his back on a picnic table with a red flower painted around his belly button and a hummingbird sipping nectar out of it!

No chance of that happening here! Don't be afraid to drive in and set a spell.

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