Sunday, August 16, 2015

Creekfest 2015!

"Party in the pasture the weekend the cows can't come home!"

One evening in Cherokee County, two couples were sitting on a picnic table in a pasture drinking too much beer. (Don't even ask why a picnic table was in a pasture.) There was a big hill behind them and it overlooked lovely Mill Creek that wound around through the land.

One of them, not sure if it was Fred or Kurt, said, "Wouldn't this be a great place to have a party?"

Thus Creekfest was born.

It had pretty modest beginning, using a lot of local bands but people loved it, Bruce and I helped out the first three years but when Fred and Peg got out, we did to. After all, we aren't getting any younger and it was always HOT! This year Creekfest moved, just down the road from us and what a venue! Kurt and his crew have been working on for the last year and it was pretty spectacular. The band Perry was the headliner for Friday night and Big and Rich were on stage Sat night. This is a video Bruce took from the top of the hill overlooking the entire set up, I've had issues in the past on viewing video's, I hope not this time.

I took my camera and honking big lens and took pictures late Sat but the wind was blowing and I had a problem with shutter shake. I took a lot of pictures but had a lot of failures, the problem was in the direct sunlight, it was impossible to tell how the pictures came out without the computer to load them on. I need to figure out a solution for that.

There was a lot of fun in Mill Creek, water sports with 4-wheelers.

Even a ferris wheel!

A bevy of beautiful women in bikinis and muscular men in shorts, hmmmm, wonder what is in those coolers??

Cooling off in Mill Creek on a sand bar, hmmmm, wonder what was in all those cans?

In the background was the bridge across Mill Creek that linked the concert ground to the camping ground, two semi trailers parked back to back. After it's over, they simply pull them out and park them for next year.

The stage - Uh, I really need to use my level.

Creekfest is just a memory now but planning is underway for 2016, headliner is Kid Rock, whoever he is. He has never played Iowa and draws crowds of a quarter of a million!! Not that they think that many people will descend on Cherokee County, Gulp!

It sure put 470th St. on the map so if you have a yen to party in the pasture next year, we can direct you.

Edited to add - We heard from our good friend, Howie Rupp that he was included in other veterans who were being honored on Saturday night. He said they would meet him at the gate and escort him on stage, we thought that was terrific.

Fast forward to Monday morning, Bruce was listening to WNAX, a radio station in Yankton, S.D., and Jim Reimler, one of the announcers said, "I have to give a big shout out to Howard Rupp of Cleghorn, IA!" I'm not sure if Jim was the MC but he met Howie and told him he would do that.

Salute, Howie!!

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