Friday, April 25, 2014

Murphy's new toy.

We've had some beautiful weather and I decided it was time to get out the automatic dog waterer. I had no idea how delighted Murphy would be with this new toy. Murphy was enthralled with the water running in and she dove in to attack the stream.

She dug furiously with both paws but the water kept coming.

Mollie trying to decide what the big deal is.

"She's nuts!"

As Murphy continues to dig.

And dig....

...and the water continues to come in.

I have never had a collie who likes water, I fear Murphy may be in the pond this summer, especially when I get the waterfall going. This could be a problem.

So now when I come home, I'm not only greeted by an enthusiastic puppy, I'm greeted by an enthusiastic puppy with wet feet, beware and be ready.


  1. A water baby! All my kids were water babies, we must take Murphy swimming this summer!

  2. Much to her delight, I got the pond running yesterday, in and out of the waterfall. Later I found her in the pasture playing in the run off, icky, dirty, puppy!! She's a water baby alright!