Thursday, April 17, 2014

♫Come on Babe, follow me, I'm the Pied Piper, follow me....♫

Tonight was Maundy Thursday services at church, 7 PM. On the way by the farm, we see a just born calf in the middle pen by the road. Bruce cleaned and bedded behind the three bay building that afternoon so the rest of the cows and bulls were back there basking in the sun.

 We left right after services to move the cow and calf, Bruce didn't even stay to talk about the Twins with his good buddy, Jon. It was still light and we had work to do, we changed clothes and were back at the farm. We just needed to move #32 and her baby to the next pen west, that is the maternity ward and it would have  saved us a lot of work if she'd had her calf in there. Cows can be so inconsiderate.

We moved the pair with little fuss, while Bruce was locking the gate I walked up behind the building and find another cow with newborn calf in the midst of a bunch of cows and two bulls. It was tight quarters, cattle everywhere so Bruce opened the gate into the dirt to try and coax some out there. The baby bull was laying beside the calf, he got to his feet and stepped non too gracefully over the baby while I held my breath. The two big bulls and some of the cows went into the dirt yard and then all hell broke loose, in a bull fight!

The baby calf got to his feet and started walking toward me, I backed up and he kept coming, when I got to the corner of the shed, he was still coming. He ended up following me all the way down the alley, around the waterer and through the gate Bruce ran to open, into the maternity yard with #32 and her new calf. It couldn't have been any easier! We both think #28 is going to have a calf and she went out into the dirt yard with the bulls, that's all we need, bulls fighting where baby calves are so we got her back on the cement and shut the bulls out there for the night.

 I hope by morning they have it out of their system, men! No lack of testosterone around here tonight.

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