Friday, April 4, 2014

Good times with family and friends

Bruce's niece, Christine, hubby, Brian and children, Jesse, Nichole and Levi are all leaving Sunday for a week of missionary work in Haiti. Christine spent a couple of months in Africa the summer we were married but this is a new venture for her family. We decided to send them off in style with an outing to Germantown for their famous chicken Wed night.

I was so hungry that I forgot to get a photo of the pile of chicken and fries they brought to our table on 2 trays. That is the way to get chicken, by the tray, forget the wussy basket. We fell upon it like a pack of wolves on a fresh kill and devoured all but a couple of pieces that Christine took home for Jesse since she is a working girl and couldn't come.

Brian and Christine

Christine with her mama, Janet.

Bruce and Christine

And the Texas Lundquists back for some snow and cold, Janet and Foof.

It was a great outing, good conversation, good food and it was nice to see the Feltman's before they head off for their big adventure. This will be a terrific experience, especially for Jesse, Levi and Nikki, we will keep all of them in our prayers for safe travel.

Thursday morning I got a call from our friends, Jennifer and Brad, asking if we were up for some Meals on Wheels that night. They had a beef roast thawed, were going to add some potatoes and carrots and wanted to bring it up for supper and see Murphy, the Wonder Puppy. I was sitting at the table, napkin tied around my neck, a fork in one hand and knife in the other when they walked in with the most delicious smelling pot roast. We ate until we could eat no more, and then we had dessert, creme puffs from my mother's recipe.

Then it was Murphy time, she found Brad liked to wrestle as much as she did.....

....and he wanted to use that blasted brush, she hates that brush!!

"Smile, you're on Candid Camera!"

Murphy is beginning to wear down, she slept like a baby after they left.

Of course, jealous Zoe had to get in on things......

"Murphy's touching me!!"

But some coddling from Brad appeased her, unlike Murphy, Zoe loves to be brushed.....

....and Brad obliged. Zoe showed her appreciation by sticking her rear in the air and giving Brad a good view of her bottom. 

The little hussy.

All too soon, it was time for them to trek back to their own home near Holstein, it was snowing like crazy. We promised not to wait so long to get together again.

We have to treasure these times with family and friends, we never know when it will end.

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